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Something More is a Financial Talk Show. We call the program "Something More" so that we can talk about not only those important dollar and cents issues, but also the quality of life issues that make the money matters matter.  Not only do we speak about investment and planning concerns, but we often invite guests for interview. 

Jan 24, 2022

Host Chris Boyd, CFP®, CASL®, discusses AMR's Complimentary Portfolio Review limited offer, which is a two meeting process. At first, after gathering portfolio details, your goals and risk profile, AMR performs an analysis. The second meeting consists of suggestions, highlighting hidden risks and identifying areas to improve on. 

Chris is joined by AMR's Chief Investment Officer, Brian Regan, CFA®, to review AMR's recent Economic & Market Update webinar. Chris and Brian mention how stocks performed in 2021 with high levels of earnings growth and market performance, along with analyze what the market has to offer in 2022 with a shift in government spending levels and more.