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Financial Talk Show airing Saturdays at 6AM, Central on TALKRADIO 98.3WLAC Nashville and 3pm, Eastern on NEWSRADIO WXTK 95.1 FM Cape Cod. We call the program "Something More" so that we can talk about not only those important dollar and cents issues, but also the quality of life issues that make the money matters matter.  Not only do we speak about investment and planning concerns, but we often invite guests for interview. 

Jun 4, 2021

Dave Sampson of Thrive Networks shares best cybersecurity tips. Businesses should have a comprehensive security framework including windows updates, data backups, data isolated outside of network, recovery process, and regular testing.

Individuals should use dual factor authentication, complex passwords and rotate them, don’t use the same password for every site and use an end point protection solution software.

AMR has fun talking about examples of shrinkflation.