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Something More With Chris Boyd

Financial Talk Show airing Saturdays at 3pm, Eastern on NEWSRADIO WXTK 95.1 FM Cape Cod. We call the program "Something More" so that we can talk about not only those important dollar and cents issues, but also the quality of life issues that make the money matters matter.  Not only do we speak about investment and planning concerns, but we often invite guests for interview. 

Jan 3, 2022

To kick-off the 2022, Chris offers AMR’s Complimentary Portfolio Review (a limited time offer).

The Complimentary Portfolio Review is a two-meeting process. In the first meeting, information about your finances and goals is reviewed. AMR puts together a thoughtful analysis. In the second meeting, we indicate what is working and potential areas for change.

If you recognize any of the following, then you may benefit from a complimentary portfolio review:

  • Are you a do it yourselfer? Do you want a second opinion to see if things should be done differently?
  • Do you have a robo arrangement, but need/want more attention?
  • Are you working with another advisor and need/deserve more attention? If you advisor trying to sell vs. acting as a fiduciary?
  • Do you want a second opinion? Are you worried about the markets? Are you not used to handling financial life alone? Are health issues starting to interfere with ability to make sound decisions?

There is a lot to consider when doing it on own. It can be overwhelming knowing what to pay attention to if you are not a financial professional.

To take advantage of AMR’s Complimentary Portfolio Review, reach out, call 866-771-8901, or email