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Financial Talk Show airing Saturdays at 3pm, Eastern on NEWSRADIO WXTK 95.1 FM Cape Cod. We call the program "Something More" so that we can talk about not only those important dollar and cents issues, but also the quality of life issues that make the money matters matter.  Not only do we speak about investment and planning concerns, but we often invite guests for interview. 

Dec 8, 2023

Barbara Cotton who is the Executive Director, Southeastern Massachusetts for the
American Red Cross joins Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry to discuss the 5 Lines of Service
that Red Cross volunteers work to deliver. Director Cotton shares stories about providing
relief services to local Cape Cod families after fires and other support provided to those
in crisis. The conversation goes further to ways the Red Cross helps families and
communities prepare for emergencies, including weather related situations and the
subsequent need for community shelters. Other areas discussed are blood donations,
CPR training, services to our Armed Forces, and international services. Chris Boyd
concludes the episode by pointing out that those individuals currently taking required
minimum distributions from an IRA may want to consider a QUALIFIED



If you need help with financial planning issues don’t hesitate to reach out to Asset Management Resources at (866) 771-8901.

Something More with Chris Boyd:


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