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Something More with Chris Boyd Show Podcasts

Cape Cod's Financial Talk Show airing Saturdays at 3pm on WXTK 95.1 FM. 

Sep 25, 2017

Chris has a packed show!  His co-host Marybeth Breed, CFP at Boston Hill Advisors, and Pro-Bono and Community Outreach Director for the FPA-MA joins Chris in the studio.  Sarah Newcomb, Behavioral Economist from Morningstar, Inc calls in during the show!  She shares with the listeners the psychology aspect of finance.  She discuss the concept "what we think of our money, is how we spend our money." MaryLou Palumbo from the Mashpee Chamber calls in to share some great events they have planned for the season, including the Christmas Parade.  Lastly, Mike Burton calls in with the Slade Mortgage Minute. Great show!