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Something More with Chris Boyd Show Podcasts

Cape Cod's Financial Talk Show airing Saturdays at 3pm on WXTK 95.1 FM. 

Feb 26, 2018

Jeff Perry sits in for Chris with an exciting show!  It's tax season! In the first hour, Jeff welcomes State Representative & CPA, Randy Hunt to discuss the changes in the Federal Tax System.  Randy discusses, "should you get a refund & what is SALT?" He answers popular tax law change questions & listener calls. In the second hour, Jeff continues his senate candidate interview series. He welcomes MA-State Senate candidates John Kingston & Beth Lindstrom to the show.  Jeff asks John "how would you introduce yourself to the Cape Cod community, what type of Republican are you & what makes you the best candidate?" In the second interview, Beth shares her background, including her motivation for running. Both candidates discuss gun control. Great show!